These bracelets are made for the true bohemian. They are made with yellow and green Aventurine, red Jaspers, coconut wood spacers, turquoise Howlite, grey wood beads, wood beads for your essential oils.

You can stack all three or wear them separately.


Green Aventurine helps with grounding you emotionally, allowing thought free of fear, indecisiveness & anxiety. Energizes, inspires, motivates. A stone for leaders, protectors, & counselors. Stimulates healing, creativity, & good luck. Protective for traveling.

Yellow Aventurine stone provides a boost to our will and self control, and helps us to focus intent as needed in order to manifest. It inspires understanding and compassion, stabilizes the emotions, and helps one to overcome grief. It helps bring abundance and prosperity, and is  used to alleviate anxiety and expand creativity.


Bracelets are made with natural gemstones, so there will be slight variations in each of the bracelets. All bracelets are made with a commercial stretch nylon cord. I make the bracelets a size 7 if you need a different size please indicate at check out. The wood beads with the circles or the black Lava beads are porous and you can add a few drops of oil to these beads. It’s always best to apply your oil when it is not on your body to avoid getting any on your clothes.


All the jewelry comes with a gift bag and card on how to apply your essential oils.

Boho Trio Bracelet

  • I want you to be happy and love your purchase, if you don’t please let me know as soon as you receive it. You have 14 days to decide if you want to keep it or not. You can ship it back for a full refund in that time.