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This  bracelet is made with Larimar, 6mm Hematite, and 8mm natural Lava beads for essential oil.


Larimar brings the tranquility of water, sea & air to heart and mind. It represents peace and clarity, emitting healing & love energy. It soothes  hurt, fear, depression, and pain of life. Assists with self-expression, patience, willingness to accept, and creativity. uplifts the heart, eases stress & gives a sense of serenity, love & peace. 

Lava is a grounding stone that gives you stability and a calming intense energy. 


Bracelets are made with natural gemstones, so there will be slight variations in each of the bracelets. All bracelets are made with a commercial stretch nylon cord. I make the bracelets a size 7 if you need a different size please indicate at check out. The wood beads with the circles or the black Lava beads are porous and you can a few drops of oil to these beads. It’s always best to apply your oil when it is not on your body to avoid